1968 PROPHECY Received by 90 Year Old Women – 4 keys to Christ’s coming

Prophecies given long ago in Norway now
coming to pass in amazing detail. 90 year old women prophecyAn old woman of 90 from Valdres in Norway had a vision from God in 1968. The evangelist Emanuel Minos had meetings where she lived. He had the opportunity to meet her, and she told him what she had seen. He wrote it down, but thought it to be so unintelligible that he put it in a drawer. Now, many years later, he understands he has to share the vision with others.

The woman from Valdres was a very alert, reliable, awake and credible Christian, with a good reputation among all who knew her.


“I saw the time just before the coming of Jesus and the outbreak of the Third World War. I saw the events with my natural eyes. I saw the world like a kind of a globe and saw Europe, land by land. I saw Scandinavia. I saw Norway. I saw certain things that would take place just before the return of Jesus, and just before the last calamity happens, a calamity the likes of which we have never before experienced.

She spoke of 4 Waves:

1. LONG PEACE BEFORE WAR – First before Jesus comes and before the Third World War breaks out there will be a ‘détente’ like we have never had before. There will be peace between the super powers in the east and the west, and there will be a long peace. (Remember, that this was in 1968 when the cold war was at its highest) In this period of peace there will be disarmament in many countries, also in Norway and we are not prepared when it (the war) comes. The Third World War will begin in a way no one would have anticipated – and from an unexpected place.

2. A LUKEWARMNESS without parallel will take hold of the Christians, a falling away from true, living Christianity. Christians will not be open for penetrating preaching. They will not, like in earlier times, want to hear of sin and grace, law and gospel, repentance and restoration. There will come a substitute instead: prosperity (happiness) Christianity.

“The important thing will be to have success, to be something; to have material things, things that God never promised us in this way. Churches and prayer houses will be emptier and emptier. Instead of the preaching we have been used to for generations -like, to take your cross up and follow Jesus, – entertainment, art and culture will invade the churches where there should have been gatherings for repentance and revival. This will increase markedly just before the return of Jesus.

3. THERE WILL BE MORAL DISINTEGRATION, that old Norway has never experienced the likes of. People will live together like married without being married. (I do not believe the practice ‘co-habitor’ existed in 1968). Much uncleanness before marriage, and much infidelity in marriage will become the natural (the common), and it will be justified from every angle. It will even enter Christian circles and we pet it – even sin against nature. Just before Jesus return there will be TV- programs like we have never experienced. (TV had just arrived in Norway in 1968.)

“TV will be filled with such horrible violence that it teaches people to murder and destroy each other, and it will be unsafe in our streets. People will copy what they see. There will not be only one ‘station’ on TV, it will be filled with ‘stations.’ (She did not know the word ‘channel’ which we use today. Therefore she called them stations.) TV will be just like the radio where we have many ‘stations,’ and it will be filled with violence. People will use it for entertainment. We will see terrible scenes of murder and destruction one of the other, and this will spread in society. Sex scenes will also be shown on the screen, the most intimate things that takes place in a marriage.” (I protested and said, we have a paragraph that forbids this kind of thing. E. Minos.) There the old woman said: “It will happen, and you will see it. All we have had before will be broken down, and the most indecent things will pass before our eyes.”

4. PEOPLE FROM POOR COUNTRIES WILL STREAM INTO EUROPE (In 1968 there was no such thing as immigration. But now we have seen a generation of immigration and recently the massive stream of immigration of Syrian refugees) They will also come to Scandinavia – and Norway. There will be so many of them that people will begin to dislike them and become hard with them. They will be treated like the Jews before the Second World War. Then the full measure of our sins will have been reached (I protested at the issue of immigration. I did not understand it at the time. E. Minos.)

The tears streamed from the old woman’s eyes down her cheeks. “I will not see it, but you will. Then suddenly, Jesus will come and the Third World War breaks out. It will be a short war.” (She saw it in the vision.)”All that I have seen of war before is only child’s play compared to this one, and it will be ended with a nuclear atom bomb. The air will be so polluted that one cannot draw one’s breath. It will cover several continents, America, Japan, Australia and the wealthy nations. The water will be ruined (contaminated?). We can no longer till the soil. The result will be that only a remnant will remain. The remnant in the wealthy countries will try to flee to the poor countries, but they will be as hard on us as we were on them.

“I am so glad that I will not see it, but when the time draws near, you must take courage and tell this. I have received it from God, and nothing of it goes against what the Bible tells. The one who has his sin forgiven (1John1,6-10, ensure to confess them) and has Jesus as Savior and Lord, is safe.”


— 2 Peter 3:10-12 .”the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God”

— Daniel 12,10 “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

— Matt 24, 40-44 “Then two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left. Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

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16 responses to “1968 PROPHECY Received by 90 Year Old Women – 4 keys to Christ’s coming”

  1. Mildred Avatar

    Praise God, back in 2007 God opened my spiritual eyes and I saw terrible war in Kenya…back then I did not understand…not until the various terror attacks have taken place in Kenya. I never would have imagined Kenya, my beloved country being in war…and recent one that I had….it will be a worse one…please pray for Kenya

    1. JdNAE Avatar

      Mildred, could I ask when the Lord revealed to you that there will be a war in Kenya?

  2. oscar maako Avatar

    My name is oscar maako I was drowning in lukewarmness and also sinful nature I am glad to find this page and I’m definately sure that God needs true worship in 2010 I saw someone on a throne in a vision dream he just said 20 years from now is your time to live

    In 2004 I saw the gates of hell during day broad light ,this year I saw the terrible side of the coming war it was such a terrible scene to dream about,I saw piles and piles of dead soldiers and people such a huge catasrophic scenes to see

    1. christiscoming777 Avatar

      thanks for sharing, may we live ready for the Lord.

  3. Ameeka Avatar

    Hello! My name is Ameeka and just last month I was born again. God showed me that in the last days the love of many shall wax cold. Holy Spirit led me to write a book about it and instructed me to distribute for free. Will you please advertise it here after I release it? God Bless!

  4. Genere Lydia Avatar
    Genere Lydia

    There is no dought about that prophesy only the ‘spiritually’ blind will not see what is hapening to the world today.im glad i have known the truth

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