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  • The Deeper Place of Prayer

    The Deeper Place of Prayer

    True devotion and discipleship starts the moment we awake each and every day as we seek the face of God. Take the command of Jesus seriously to seek first the Kingdom by seeking Him first thing every morning in worship and prayer. And not for a shallow hasty few mins as we rush off to…

  • Worship in Spirit and Truth

    Worship in Spirit and Truth

     The Lord appeared to a minister back in the 1980’s and showed him a church service and said “These modern day Charismatic’s know a little about praising me, but they know little or nothing about true worship.” The Lord went on to say that the church was substituting brass for gold (explained below). God has His plan…

  • How to be Led by the Spirit of God

    How to be Led by the Spirit of God

    We see in the Book of Acts the LORD places much importance on being led by the Spirit of God in ministry and for guidance in all situations in life. If we learn how to truly hear from God we can: navigate through all deceptions & confusion and walk in truth; discern between true &…